About Us

Everyone has a dark side. Since the dawn of cinema audiences looked to the silver screen not only in search of wonder and awe but also ready to embrace shock and terror. Originating from the sensational thrill of carnival sideshows, genre films started to grow into a staple of early entertainment that soon became a playground for artists, visionaries and outcasts alike. Horror asked uncomfortable questions and found new ways of answering them: Over and over again, filmmakers on their never ending quest for artistic immortality dared to challenge the status quo of society’s contemporary values, expanding our views in the most unusual ways.

This label is dedicated to their descendants and their works to come. Join us on an exciting trip through the wildest and darkest corners of our minds to celebrate a rapidly growing number of rebellious films and some of the most amazing visions ever to graze the screen. To all the kings and queens of the night, to all the dark poets and bards, to the freaks, the forgotten and the misunderstood out there: This is for you.