Room 213

Room 213

by Emelie Lindblom

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Summer vacation after 6th grade and Elvira, 12, is going on a camp. She and her two roommates Meja and Bea will stay in room 213 – where no one has lived for sixty years. Soon inexplicable events start to happen. A letter with an ancient handwriting leads the girls to an old lady in a run-down house in the woods. The lady tells them that a girl died at the camp sixty years ago. And since then a red-haired girl in a white dress has been sneaking around in the corridors at night.

Awards & Festivals

Winner of Jury Award for Best Film at Barnefilmfestivalen Kristiansand!
North American Premiere at TIFF Kids!
Winner of BUFF Nordic Star Award for Wilma Lundgren!
Official Selection at Göteborg International Young FF and Göteborg IFF! 
Nominated for ECFA Award at BUFF!


Wilma Lundgren
Ella Fogelström
Elena Hovsepyan
Pascal Andersson
Filip Laj
Arman Fanni
Felicia Klang
Kasper Lund
Ian Strömberg
Anki Lidén

Director Bio

Emelie Lindblom is a Swedish scriptwriter and director, graduated from the School of Film Directing, Gothenburg University in 2011. Her latest short 2 was in competition at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2014 and was called a “masterpiece” at Seoul International Women’s Film Festival 2015. Room 213 is her debut feature film.

Director Statement

Making Room 213, the most important issue for me, has been to tell a thrilling ghost story with the same seriousness and sincerity, that horror storys are told, during middle school age, when at the threshold of entering ones teens - too smart to be called a kid, but not quite ready to grow up.

Cast Bio

WILMA LUNDGREN is 13 years old and studies theatre and music in Stockholm. Room 213 is her debut film. 

ELLA FOGELSTRÖM is 13 years old and studies theatre and music in Stockholm. Room 213 is her fourth feature film. Her previous films are Crimes Of Passion: Tragedy In A Country Churchyard (2013), Lassemajas Detektivbyrå - Von Broms Hemlighet (2013) and En Gång I Phuket (2011)._

ELENA HOVSEPYAN is 14 years old and studies theatre and music in Linköping. Room 213 is her debut film.


Director: Emelie Lindblom
Screenwriter: Martin Jern, Emil Larsson
Producer(s): Martin Jern, Emil Larsson
Cinematographer: Emil Klang, FSF
Composer: Hans Lundgren
Editor: Margareta Lagerqvist

Original Title: Rum 213 / 2K HD / Colour / Shot on: Alexa Mini / 80 min / audio 5.1 / Swedish with English subtitles / Sweden 2017

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