The Incredible Shrinking WKND

The Incredible Shrinking WKND

by Jon Mikel Caballero

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Alba and her friends just want to enjoy a little weekend getaway in the woods. But when her boyfriend Pablo abruptly breaks up with her, Alba is mysteriously forced to relive the exact same day over and over again – until she learns that each repetition is shorter than the last. It is not a loop, is a countdown. And time is running out.

Awards & Festivals

Best Director, Best Screenplay at the Fantastic Film Festival Bilbao
Malaga FF
Golden Horse
Lund Fantastik


Iria del Río, Adam Quintero, Nadia de Santiago, Adrián Expósito

Director Bio

Having previously stunned audiences with short films Hibernation (2012) and Cenizo (2016), winning no fewer than 55 awards on the festival circuit, Spanish writer-director Jon Mikel Caballero makes his long-awaited feature debut with The Incredible Shrinking WKND.

Director Statement

I wanted to use the timeloop subgenre in a different way. For me it is a perfect metaphor for the farewell to youth. You can think life is repetitive as a loop, but suddenly you discover that each time is a little bit shorter. This is the journey of Alba. And I think it is very universal for our entire generation of thirties.

Cast Bio

Iria del Río
Mostly known for acting in The Misfit Club (2014), Nadia also appeared in the TV series Velvet and Netflix’ Cable Girls.

Luis Tosar
He is one of the most well-known and celebrated actors in Spain, winning multiple awards with credits such as Celda 211 and Take My Eyes.

Nadia de Santiago
Nadia is a well-known Spanish actress, appearing in movies like Captain Alatriste (2006) and 522. A Cat, A Chinese Guy & My Father (2019).



Producers Jon Mikel Caballero, Belén Estevas-Guilman, Pedro de la Escalera
Production Company Montreux Entertainment, Trepamuros Producciones
Director and screenwriter Jon Mikel Caballero
Executive producer Belen Estevas-Guilmain, Pedro de la Escalera, Jon Mikel Caballero
Line producer Álvaro Díaz

Director of photography Tânia da Fonseca

Art director Carmen Albacete

Editor Miguel A. Trudu

Composer Luis Hernaiz

Wardrobe Miguel Apresa

Sound designer Roberto Fernández

Sound mixer Íñigo Olmo

Make up and hair Julia Garrido

Original Title: El Increible Finde Menguante | Spain 2019 | 93’ | Spanish OV with English Subs | 2K | Audio 5.1 | 24fps

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