by Eché Janga

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Gerben, a liberal politician suddenly demoted to Mayor of a small town, discovers that the seemingly quiet place is a haven for drug smugglers. Life in the country turns into a dangerous mission, as Gerben's only way to get his old job back is to win the battle he started against the ruthless Toontje and his gang. As dirty secrets are uncovered and violence rules the streets of this godforsaken city, Gerben's son falls in love with Toontje's granddaughter - and the night explodes into chaos...





Director Statement

The madness in which the lead character ends up is a state in which I have been myself at some point. Not literally, rather mentally. I do not want to be weighty about this film, but the fact that sometimes your instinct kicks in under great pressure or stress has been the inspiration for this film. The culture and world that we have been creating is an elaboration of the animal that exists in all of us. This is the underlying thought and philosophy of this film... Furthermore, it mostly is a film that should not be taken too seriously. Humor and absurdism are the key factors driving the story.


Director: Eché Janga
Screenplay: Oscar van Woensel & Wouter Laumans
Producer: Pupkin - Pieter Kuijpers, Sander van Meurs, Iris Otten
Creative Producer: Felix van Gisbergen
Co-producer: AVROTROS – Mylène Verdurmen
Line Producer: Juri Keuter
Director of photography: Gregg Telussa
Production Designer: Ida Doodeman
Costume Designer: Rebekka Wormann
Casting: Post Castelijn Casting
Hair & make-up artist: Francoise Mol
Film Editor: Bas Icke
Sound Designer: Michaël Sauvage
Composer: Christiaan Verbeek

Original Title: Hallali | 93’ | Dutch | Colour | Aspect Ratio 16:9 | Audio 5.1 | Shot on Arri Alexa Mini | Netherlands 2019

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