The Route to El Jardín

The Route to El Jardín

by Christian Cavazos

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After losing everyone they love in a brutal Narco massacre, Felipe, Rosa and her brother Pedro set out on a rage-driven quest for revenge from their peaceful village all the way to Mexico City. But when the tables are turned and the crime lord sends his most dangerous killer, the three friends find themselves in a merciless fight for their lives.
A high-octane action thriller with a pulse-pounding twist!



Iván Aragón, Alexia Alexander, Plutarco Haza, Israel Islas, Luca Valenti.

Director Bio

Born December 25, in Los Angeles, California. He studied Psychology at the Autonomous University of Baja California and has a master degree in 3D animation offered by "Animation Mentor" in San Francisco California. He started as a production assistant at Univision.
As producer he received three "EMMY Awards" for Documentaries. He founded the Production House "Dominio Publico", where he started directing Music Videos with artists such as David Bisbal and commercials for Red Bull, among others. In 2012 he began his career as a Filmmaker and co-founded the "Scumbags Filmmaking Group", making short films as "New Mexico" and "Valle de las Cabras”. The Route to El Jardin is his first feature.

Director Statement

Currently, we live in a Mexico where organized crime is in control. Where the cartels can do any kind of atrocity without consequence. This film tells a story that is constantly repeated in this country. Cartels massacring innocent people and authorities corrupted by these organizations, doing nothing for money.
In a country that seems to have no remedy, the film narrates this to the extreme, a teenage
couple and a child survive the loss of their parents and their heritage at the hands of these
men. With courage (a consequence of their innocence) and the desire for things to improve,
they decide to take justice into their own hands and do the unthinkable. End this organizations.
An example for those who call themselves “Authorities"

Cast Bio

Iván Aragón starred in No Man's Land (2020), and Jungle Nest (2016) and The Route To El Jardin (2023)

Alexia Alexander is known for El Jardin aka: Narco Killer, Ghost Recon: Wildlands (2017) and La Cabeza de Joaquín Murrieta (2023).

Plutarco Haza is a Mexican actor. Haza produced and hosted the children's news show, Bizbirije on Canal 11. In 2015, he received a National Film Award (Premio Nacional de Cinematografía) for his career.

Israel Islas is known for Rosario Tijeras (2016), No manches Frida (2016) and Aztech (2020).


Directed by Christian Cavazos
Written by Tim Hebb, Mattias Westman
Starring Iván Aragón, Alexia Alexander, Plutarco Haza, Israel Islas, Luca Valenti.
Producers Mattias Westman, Anders Johan Palm, Patricia Zavala Kugler, Anna Renata Roth Kanarska, Víctor Zavala Kugler
DP Gerardo Barroso
Music Víctor Hernández Stumpfhauser

Production Companies Jade Films® & Westman Films Inc.

Original Title: El Jardín | Mexico 2023 | Thriller | English OV | 98’ | Colour | 24 fps | Shot on Alexa Mini | 2K

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