by Adrián Araujo

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In their pursuit of parenthood, Susana and Jorge move to a tranquil lakeside mansion, only to uncover a haunting secret. As Susana's health falters, a malevolent force emerges, leading her to Nana Ceci, a spiritual midwife. In the aftermath of tragedy, Susana unravels the mansion's chilling history involving a ghost girl, Estela, desperate for a maternal connection that transcends the boundaries between life and death.


Mara López, Cristian Gamero, Meteora Fontana, Mikael Lacko

Director Bio

Adrián Araujo is a Mexican director, producer, and cinematographer, boasts extensive experience in both national and international projects. A graduate of EIGTV in Cuba, his impactful work spans advertising for renowned brands and cinematography for acclaimed films like Morir de amor.

Director Statement

As someone with a background in psychology, I see Estela's script as a chance to explore themes like abandonment and the maternal desire through paranormal elements, reflecting our internal struggles. It's a nuanced tale of a woman's quest for motherhood and a spirit longing for love. From the start, I knew it had to be a thriller with a human psyche as the true adversary.

Cast Bio

MARA LÓPEZ (Susana) is a Spanish actress and model, relocated to Madrid in 2011, honing her craft at the 'Estudio Corazza para el actor' under Juan Carlos Corazza. With a versatile portfolio, she has made her mark in international cinema, television, and theater.

CRISTIAN GAMERO (Jorge) is Spanish actor and former military personnel, is recognized for his roles in television series such as Centro Médico in´2016, Luis Miguel: La Serie for Netflix, and Hernán Cortés on Amazon Prime.

METEORA FONTANA (Nana Ceci) was born in Italy and now residing in Mexico, debuted in 2015's romantic comedy Now or Never. She recently starred in Alejandro González Iñárritu’s film Bardo, premiering at the Venice Film Festival.


Writer Gil Espejo

Producers Juan Carlos Solis, Miguel M. Vallés, Cristopher Franco

Executive Producers Luis Solís, Manuel Villanueva, Maximino Hernández

Cinematographer Adrián Araujo

Editor Luis de la Madrid

Costume Designer Daniela Velasco

Production Managers Joanna Ibáñez, Victor Miranda


Original title: Estela | 90 minutes | Spanish OV |  Audio 5.1 | Colour | Aspect Ratio 1.85:1

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