Die Before You Die

Die Before You Die

by Dan Pringle

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Adi BC, a hot-headed influencer finds himself trapped six feet underground after an internet challenge goes dramatically wrong. With no knowledge of the group who buried him and no idea if they will return to dig him up, Adi is sent into a world that will force him to question his very nature.


Ziad Abaza, Priya Blackburn, Mim Shaikh

Director Bio

Started as a producer, Dan completed several films including the award-winning Silent Things and the thriller Emulsion starring Outlander’s Sam Heughan. Dan’s debut as writer/director, with the cult thriller K-Shop. The film enjoyed critical success with The Times’ Kate Muir hailing him as ‘a filmmaker to watch out for’. His writing was acknowledged by the BIFAs’, and he has since worked with executive producer Eva Green on his screenplay A Patriot. Die Before You Die marks his second feature as writer/director.

Director Statement

Die Before You Die is an examination of the nature of ego; how we identify and struggle with it throughout our life. The idea was conceived after reading the work of Al Ghazali, who proposed that in order to free ourselves from the fear of death we must first rid ourselves of the ego by considering deaths inevitability.By reading his teachings, I found strong imagery coming to mind of ritual and ceremony. Soon after I came up with a story concept, following an ignorant modern participant being shepherded into a burial trial.We tried to pull the viewer into a seemingly ordinary thriller, before flipping the tone and taking them into a deeper, more profound experience.

Cast Bio

Ziad Abaza was long listed for 'Best Actor' and 'Most Promising New Comer' at the British Independent Film Awards for his role as Salah in K-Shop. He began his training in Greek theatre and soon started working in Film and TV. He is also known for Spectre and Tyrant.


Priya Blackburn was born on 12 October 1995 in London, England, UK. She is an actress, known for Bohemian Rhapsody, Get Even and #No_Filter.


Mim Shaikh is a British Actor, Broadcaster and Spoken-Word Poet. He debut in the lead role of the dark-comedy feature film Freehold. Prior to this, he starred in Daytimer, followed by the short film Sunni Shia which was awarded a BAFTA Children's Award. Shaikh is also a Broadcaster and debuted with his documentary Mim Shaikh: Finding Dad on the BBC in which he traveled to Pakistan to trace his biological Father.


Director Dan Pringle
Producer and Screenwriter Adam J. Merrifield, Dan Pringle and Ziad Abaza
Director of Photography Ben Saffer
Sound Design Steve Rafter, Guy Dowsett, Glen Yard
Music Nina Humphreys
Costume Sally Winter
Production Design Sivo Gluck
Art Director Rebekah Cutts
Production Manager Jeremy Miller


Production Company White Lantern Film

Original Title: Die Before You Die | UK 2023 | Thriller | 103’ | 1:85.1 | English OV with English Subs | 4K | 24 fps

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